Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dan Patch Days

The last week has been a little crazy with no dad or nanny around, off and on.  There were some rough patches, but mostly us girls had a lot of fun together.  The weather's been nice and warm so we took advantage and played outside a lot.

Over the weekend we kept busy with a little fountain splash pad thingy, a trip to Home Goods, which was aborted about 5 minutes in (damn them and their tiny shopping carts), and of course a few obligatory Target stops.

Saturday afternoon our city had a little festival called Dan Patch Days.  The girls and I headed over to check out the petting zoo and kiddie rides.  The funny thing about kids, they're so busy being amazed by EVERYTHING that they don't even realize when something really is extraordinary - and this petting zoo was.  There were the typical goats, but then there was an alligator, kangaroos, ring tailed lemurs and a handful of other animals I've never seen before.  Lyla was equally impressed by the ring tailed lemurs as she was by the goat nibbling the marshmallow out of her hand.  Which was really, really jumping and screaming impressed.

After the zoo we headed over to the big inflatable bouncy things and Lyla straight up owned them.  We ended the night with fresh squeezed lemonade and mini donuts.  Lyla had so much fun she had a mini exhaustion meltdown, and Evie sis mostly just sweat a lot.

Ryan got back home Sunday afternoon, and we all breathed a sigh of relief that I managed to not have any toddler meltdowns of my own.  ;)

- K

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