Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tomorrow She Turns Two

Well, it's officially Lyla's birthday eve and we're busy preparing for the morning's festivities.  While we fill huge balloons and build slides and pink cars, I can't help but think of this night two years ago.  Since I was induced we had a very definitive last night before baby, and I remember so vividly the fear, nerves, and excitement I felt that night.  As much as I told myself to get one last good night of sleep I just couldn't force my mind to calm down.  The next morning we got up early, packed up our suitcases and stopped at Panera on the way to the hospital.  Later that day, at 5:18 pm I held my baby girl for the very first time...and she immediately pooped all over me.  It was love at first sight.

Thinking back to the last year it seems like such a blur.  I feel like I can't even remember how we went from a baby with barely any hair and two little teeth, just starting to walk around and saying nothing more than "mama" and "dada" to this wild little girl running around with the cutest ponytail, screaming "YEAH! YEAH! FUN! FUN! FUN!"

It makes me feel just a little bit panicky because that's everything I feared from the first time I held her...time going too fast and not being able to remember every detail of every day.  But truthfully this past year has been the absolute best, maybe even better than the first.  I love, love, love that cozy newborn stage, but the girl we have these days is just so fun.  It's funny because holding that tiny newborn it feels like you're so far from the days of having conversations and really interacting and playing with that little squishy thing, and suddenly here we are with this playful girl, having picnics and tea parties galore.  I swear someone gives her fun pills every night while she's sleeping.

So, even though time is going fast, each day is sweeter than the last.  I can't wait to see what this next year has in store.  Seeing her bloom into her own little person is the absolute joy of my life.

Sleep tight, baby girl.  I have a feeling your second birthday will be the best one yet.

- K

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