Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dance

Every year LifeTime holds a daddy daughter dance in February and I couldn't wait for the day Ryan and Lyla got to go.  When he emailed me the details I couldn't believe the time had already come, but I knew it would be a dream come true for L.  She recently got to ride for the first time in daddy's fancy car, and she's talked about it every day since with only word...fast.

She's also always been very into dancing.  The other weekend while getting ready for church I was in our bathroom listening to them as Ryan got her dressed, and about every 30 seconds she'd say "dance!"  I peeked  into her room to see them slow dancing, her in his big arms.  You better believe I teared up over that one.  I'll never forget that image as long as I live.

So, to combine daddy's "fast" car and dancing?  Like I said, dream come true.

The whole day we talked about the dance.  Before Ryan got home from work I gave her a bath and let her pick out a dress, did her hair, the whole nine yards.  Turns out it was kind of my dream come true too.  I was absolutely meant to have a little girl to do all that stuff with.

Once Ryan got home he whisked her off to the dance.  About an hour later they showed back up, Lyla with a little crown, princess wand and flower.  I asked what they did and she said "run!"  According to Ryan she did do plenty of that, along with starting a dance party on the DJ stage.  If you know me at all you know that my heart swelled with pride after hearing that.  I only wish there was a video for proof. 

It's hard to believe that next year he'll have two little girls to bring.  Lucky guy.  ;)

- K

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  1. What great memories for all three of you. Soon you'll be helping LR get ready for prom and wishing Ryan was her date!