Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Big Birthday!

The second birthday was a huge success!  We had a small family celebration the morning of her actual birthday, complete with don dons and gigantic balloons.  On Saturday we had a big party with some of her little friends.  Ryan's family was in town, and even his sister surprised us and flew out for the weekend.  I wouldn't have been able to pull off this party without them, they were so much help.  I'm a little surprised they continue to come visit with all the work we make them do.

Like most parties are, it was a bit of a whirlwind but I really tried to focus on L and what she was doing.  Last year at her party I ended up feeling like I barely saw her, the way she was passed from one family member to another.  This year I tried to take it all in a little better, and what I can tell you is the girl had some fun.

We had a little craft time and had the kiddos make their own treat bags that I filled with goodies before they went home, and I don't think Lyla's ever taken anything more seriously.  Between that, the presents and all the sugar she was definitely in two year old heaven.  We all had so much fun - thanks to all the friends and family that were there to help celebrate our girl!

Here's some pics from the day!

- K


  1. What a great party for such a pretty two year old. Your decorations look great...wish we were there! I can't believe how much LR has grown up since her first BD party...she's ready to be a big sister!

  2. Such pretty party dresses! Wish I could've been there!