Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Someday I'll Learn

I have to say that as fun as L's new toddler stage has been, I've encountered my fair share of struggles.  The more capable and self-sufficient she gets the more I forget that she's not actually a mini adult with the ability to reason and/or be reasonable.  I constantly weigh things in my mind before letting her have or do something, and more often than not think to myself "she can't possibly do that much damage".  Then she quickly proves me wrong and takes us immediately to the worst case scenario.

Like the other day when I handed her the bag of goldfish crackers, thinking she could have a couple while I go around the corner to get something.  When I came back around the corner .5 seconds later the goldfish had been flung all over the living room.  Then she stood up and crushed them into the carpet.  For the millionth time that day I asked myself WHYYYYY?  WHEN WILL I LEARN?

And then she wandered over, grabbed my hand and kissed my face.  And everything was right in my world again.

- K

P.S. Please don't judge the sock - shoe combo.  I promise that isn't the norm over here, and we definitely didn't leave the house like that.

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