Thursday, January 17, 2013

These Days

 This upcoming little birthday has had me a little emotional about our little girl growing up so fast, but I sure wouldn't trade the stage she's in now for anything.  She's got so much's a little taste:

1) She's popped 2 more teeth (8 total now)...and has taken to biting her own hand when throwing fits.  Which I guess is better than biting others...?

2) She's throwing fits already!  They really aren't bad...yet, but this little lady sure doesn't like not getting her way.  She totally understands "no", and listens most of the time, but she also tests limits constantly.  I have to force myself to be serious when disciplining, but inside I just die laughing.  She's nailed the fake cry, and those big brown eyes seem so innocent.  She's gonna be a tough cookie, but secretly I like having a little sassafrass.  Keeps things interesting. 

3) She took her first steps!  I'll post a video soon.  :)

4) She's started dancing!  It's this hilarious little arm wave, very rap-star-esque.  I love it.

5) You pretty much can't feed her anymore with a spoon.  She wants EVERYTHING I am eating, and has to have her own spoon to work with.  She's getting pretty good with it, but for the time being I've given up on wearing white.

 - K

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