Friday, January 11, 2013

December Recap, Part 3

Now that we're about half way through January I'm finally getting around to our final post about the holidays.  It's been a rough week, but I finally have my happy baby back, so life is good.

The day Jo left after Christmas, Ryan's family came into town.  We celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas morning for a second time, and L got spoiled AGAIN.  We also happened to all give gifts that everyone had either already received or already owned.  I guess we know each other's taste!

The rest of the week was mostly spent eating at great restaurants, and cooking amazing champagne-lobster-steak feasts on New Year's Eve.  We also braved the MOA the first Saturday after Christmas.  Big mistake. 

Even though the visit ended with food poisoning and Lyla was kind of cranky from teething, we had a ton of fun.  Miss those people every day!

- K

what? i'm busy.

auntie alycia and uncle colin


uh, seriously?


helping grandpa

new year's eve feast

eating ice cream with grandma.  she says "what's the worst that can happen, diarrhea?  we'll be gone"...

...turns out it was way worse than just diarrhea.

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