Wednesday, January 23, 2013

80th Birthday!

L with the birthday girl

This weekend L and I went back to Denver for Great Grandma's big 80th bday party!  It was a surprise for grandma, so there were some sweet tears involved when we walked in.  It was so good to see our family and show off all of Lyla's new tricks.  I'm pretty sure she's the future Miss America with all the waving she does.  She literally had our entire section on the plane waving on our ride home.  Too cute.

We also got to meet our handsome little 3 month old friend, Dex, for the first time!  He was so adorable, and Lyla loved him.  She crawled up to me when I was holding him and starting smooching him, sharing her toothbrush, and waving.  She's gonna be a good big sis.  (No announcements there. ;)

It was 60 degrees out there (and -11 in MN), which made me realize exactly how much I need to get back to Denver someday.  Also, I had forgotten how hard it is to travel with a baby.  She just does not sleep well on the road.  Still, can't wait to be back in 2 weeks for the big ONE year birthday party!!

- K


L and gma

auntie savannah

doing dishes with gma


i mean, i could just eat. her. up.

auntie jo

goodbye smooches

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