Tuesday, November 13, 2012

She Said Dada!

keeping warm
again with the credit card

As you already know (because Kassi has been rubbing it in your face) Lyla has been saying "mama" for a couple weeks now --- usually when she doesn't want to take a nap.  And though I have been playing it cool, it has been gut wrenching for me to think that I haven't been around enough for my little monkey to say "dada".  It also doesn't help that every idiot who finds out this little tid bit goes "oh wow!  THAT is soooo weird... babies ALWAYS say 'dada' first."

Well, as you also may know Kassi has had to travel last week and this week giving me the perfect opportunity to teach her a few things.  Not only did she say "dada" this last week but she also took her first steps tonight at only 9 months old... can't wait to tell Kassi when she gets home tomorrow night ;).

- R

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  1. This is so cool that you guys both blog! What an awesome gift for your Dollface to read one day!