Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Como Zoo!

Last month we met up with Goan at Como Zoo for her birthday.  We hadn't been there since Sis was a baby, so neither of them really remembered it.  We accidentally parked by Como Town, which is where they have all the rides, and if there's one thing to know about these girls, they LOVE rides.

We eventually made it to the animals, but had to finish with a few more rides and accidentally got involved in a foam party.  We skipped naps and ate lunch there, saw lots of monkeys and a seal and ended our day on the carousel just outside the zoo...which Evie made clear to everyone within earshot she did not care to leave.  Sometimes I think 3 yr olds should come with straight jackets, just for emergencies.  ;)

The day was so much fun, Sis screams and all.  Pretty sure all of us slept VERY well that night.  :)

Here are some photos!

- K

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