Friday, June 9, 2017

Play Dates!

Between a new MBA program, more travel for work and redecorating three bedrooms (why couldn't I just stick with decorating a nursery???), things have been pretty crazy around here.  Baby D Day is less than a month away now, and I'm starting to feel acutely aware of the fact that this will actually (somehow) be the least busy we are for.... well, ever.

One of the things I remember most from the last time we welcomed a new baby is how unbelievably tiny that new baby seemed, how big Lyla suddenly was, and how hard it was to learn to share myself.  A good friend put it to me that way once, shortly after having Evie, and it hit the nail on the head.  I was prepared for the difficulties my only child would potentially face with becoming a sister and having to share me, or at least I expected it.  What I hadn't realized is how hard it would be for me to learn to share myself.  Or how much guilt and other emotions came along with that learning curve. 

This time around I know more of what to expect - the unfathomable tininess of our new addition, the girls suddenly feeling like teenagers, and a brand new sharing learning curve...but I'm not sure the expectation is going to make any of it any easier.  So, as busy as we are, I've been trying to be intentional with balancing the crazy and stress with some fun and play dates for the girls, before we're outnumbered. 

We recently had two fun play dates with friends - our first outing of the year to the horse races and our first ever visit to the Arboretum.  Both girls loved running around with their friends.  They couldn't get enough of the horses (Evie is currently in negotiations with Grandma and Pop for a horse with a yellow saddle) and the ice creams and lemonades at the races, or the fun exploring through the creeks and trees and gardens at the Arboretum.  Both days were so fun with beautiful weather and great friends.  Just what the doctor ordered!

- K

Cookies and cream is Evie's fave.  :)

The funny thing is I didn't even notice all the fancy accessories until I actually looked back at these pics.  Who wants to bet how long baby boy makes it before getting adorned with his first princess crown??

Lyla's friend, Duke, from preschool.  How funny is their pose?!  Future prom dates, I'm thinking.  ;)

Can we just focus on those little hands wrapped around Lyla's waist??  And how much she's loving it?!  Dyingggggg.

Evie working on her lemonade modeling.

She didn't fully understand why she couldn't ride a racehorse herself.

Running through the Arboretum!

Evie is not always into friends as much as Lyla is, but these twins were cut from the same cloth as Lyla, so I think she feels right at home with them.  :)

Lyla and the twins.  They could seriously be triplets - same size, same personalities!

"Painting" the playhouse with water.  Such a fun time!  We'll definitely be back.

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