Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Baby Boy BLISS

It's hard to believe we've already got a month of lovin' on our sweet little boy under our belts!  Rowan joined us bright and early on July 1, and the rest of us have been big, walking heart-eye emojis ever since.  He surprised us by coming exactly one week early - I'd always had our babies right around their due dates so I had big, important plans for that last weekend without baby.  But instead we ended up at the hospital about 5:45 that Saturday morning - girls and all!

Since we don't have family in town and he decided to not only join us earlier than his due date, but also early in the morning on a holiday weekend, we couldn't find anyone nearby to be with the girls.  Ryan woke them and quickly got them dressed while they buzzed around the house, so excited to meet their baby brother! Then we all packed up and headed to the hospital - luckily it's nearby because my labors and I don't last long.  The girls stuck with us in my room until it was epidural time, which sounds chaotic but I actually loved it.  I'll never forget looking over in between contractions and seeing one of the most beautiful sunrises I've ever seen, with both of them huddled together under the window playing on dad's phone. 

Luckily Joan got there right at epidural time, because that quickly turned into pushing time, followed shortly after by baby Rowan time!  He was so sweet and tiny in my arms with his full head of dark hair!  It's amazing how for 9 months you're connected so completely with that baby actually living inside you, but it just doesn't compare to the strength and intensity of that heart connection that comes after they're born.  I was hook, line and sinker for this boy as soon as he took his first breath.  There are just no words to describe that love.

Joan and the girls headed up from the cafeteria and they burst into the room with so much excitement.  Evie came running in, asking if she could hold him first, which is exactly what she did.  Lyla held him next, and both were so proud and excited and tender with him.  It was the dreamiest mama moment.

We went home the next day and the rest has been a blur with lots of grandparents and aunts coming to visit and help.  Rowan has been such a good baby, and the girls have just been unbelievable.  Evie has taken to this big sister thing better than I could have ever hoped for, and WAY better than I expected.  Lyla, my eternal busybody helper, has been eating up the fact that she's the OLDEST, and loving her big sister role more than ever.  I couldn't be more proud of them.

So far this family of 5 life has been so good to me.  So the million dollar question is do we stick with 5 or do we keep going... :)

Welcome to the family, little Rowan!  I can't promise a whole lot of peace and quiet, but I can promise a crazy amount of love.  We're so glad you're ours. 

- K

His first photo!  Such a handsome boy with all that hair!

Family of 5!

Skin on skin time with dad :)

Mama cuddles.  Swooning just looking at his tininess.

Still not an official thumb sucker, but he sure found it quick on his own!

Rowan brought the girls new dress up dresses, and they were both impressed he already knew who their favorite princesses were.  ;)

Belle and Cinderella!

First family outing with the boy!  We saw Cars on the 4th of July.  :)

Our patriotic little man.

First doctor appointment, and already back up to birth weight!  Love how tiny they look in those car seats at first.  Boy does that change quickly!

Loving her new big sister role.  :)

He's a lucky little boy to have so much love!

...he's also just a little bit smothered with love at times.  ;)


Got a new swingset for my push present.  :)  Love being able to send them outside to play while I tend to baby.

So proud!

Our first visitor!  It was fabulous having an extra hand to help!


Love me some knuckle dimples.  :)

Our first day on our own!  We survived.  Barely.  ;)

Just happened to take this right when he started to fill his diaper.  Let's just say he is NOT dainty about it.  The girls' faces kill me!

Grandma K!

Sleepy smiles.  :)

Big stretches!

Hangin' with Auntie Kate

Grammy!  And the cutest little guy I've ever laid eyes on.

Working on his fitness.  (Thanks for the rattles Aunt Katherine!)

First visit to Lake Harriett!  He can't wait til he gets some ice cream too.  ;)

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