Thursday, March 9, 2017

Birthday Dinner!

As we approached Evie's 3rd birthday I kept asking her where she wanted to go to dinner to celebrate.  Every single time she'd quickly reply "McDonald's!", and every single time I'd try to talk her into something a little fancier - Rainforest Café or Cheesecake Factory or the hibachi place we went to for Lyla's birthday.  After probably the 10th time with the same response I finally realized how silly I was to push some "fancy" idea on her.  McDonald's?  What baby wants, baby gets!

Before we headed to McDonald's I found Lyla and Evie in Lyla's closet getting all dressed up and applying makeup.  They were the perfect combination of Fancy Nancy and Jem and the Holograms.  They were the fanciest girls at the restaurant, and they had the best time I think they've ever had at any dinner.  Evie ran around the Play Place with her gigantic ice cream cone like she owned it, and told me it was the "best party ever!" over and over.

It was the cutest birthday dinner for the cutest 3 year old.  :)  Happy birthday, Evie Sis!  We love you so!!

- mama

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