Friday, October 28, 2016

Lyla Rose

Let me tell you, out of the many things we've been blessed with, easy, compliant children is certainly not one of them.  *Insert all the quotes about strong wills leading to success here.*  I fully believe every bit of that, but it doesn't make the whole parenting gig any easier when you're in the trenches of defiance and attitude and ungodly amounts of energy.  Sometimes it's hard to keep a long term perspective, and on those tough days mostly it just feels like I'm getting everything wrong!

Lyla, our cute little Tasmanian Devil, has always given us a run for our money.  Two was hard, Two and a half was harder, 3 was worse, and 3 1/2 didn't get any better.  When she turned 4 we finally started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I saw someone describe 4 as equal parts frazzled and dazzled, and man was that ever accurate.

Well, now my girl is 4 1/2, and I swear that must be a magic number or something.  We have so turned a corner with her, and all of a sudden I get to spend most of my days just plain dazzled.  There really isn't a better word, she is dazzling to me.  She's bright and cheery and always excited.  She's kind and loving and genuinely cares about everyone around her.  She notices when someone is feeling down, and always stops to see what's wrong.  She buzzes around trying to fix whatever problem her little sister is crying about.  All of that has always been true, but the biggest difference now is that she really tries to be good.  It matters to her all of a sudden.  I get obedience and apologies and a good attitude in her responses (most days.  Believe me, we still have our moments.  Lots of them!) and I know that our hard work is paying off.  For the time being anyways.  :)

Her heart is truly gold, and she makes me so proud.  She's my ice cream sundae with a cherry on top.  It's such a treat being her mama.

The real reason for this post is talk about my new tattoo!  Last year I found the perfect Joy tattoo that I couldn't resist, and immediately felt like a bit of a jerk for having a tattoo for my second daughter, but not my first.  I'd always liked the idea of a Rose, since it's both of our middle names, and finally settled on a wild rose.  Seemed kind of fitting.  :) 

Here are some photos of me and my wild rose, and my wild rose tattoo.  ;)

- K

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