Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Day at the Apple Orchard

Fall is here, and I'm loving every crisp aired, leaf changing minute of it.  Fall is particularly good in Minnesota with all the pumpkin patches, Fall festivals and apple orchards they have going on all season.  Last year the girls and I met some friends at a super cute apple orchard, and I knew we had to get Ryan there.  We decided to head out there last weekend, and it was the best day.  The drive out there is so much fun itself.  It's kind of in the middle of nowhere, and driving by all the farmhouses and red barns and corn fields and rolling pastures always has our family daydreaming about the little hobby farm we want and all the different animals we'd get.

There was so much to do, and the weather was just perfect.  If only that cool, crisp air wasn't a reminder of the pending doom of winter.  ;)

Here are some photos of our day!

- K



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