Sunday, April 10, 2016


Weekends have been so good over here lately.  We've been making an effort to recognize the Sabbath, keeping Saturday for chores and to-dos and Sundays for fun and relaxing as a family.  Up until now weekends felt busy and so not refreshing, and on the rare occasion we took it easy I would always feel regret and guilt for not getting more done.  Setting Sundays aside for fun has taken off all that pressure, and has made such a difference in gearing up for another week.

Today after everyone snuck in a nap we took the girls to a nearby park to play and feed some ducks.  The girls loved running around as close to the water as possible, and I think both of us are still surprised that neither of them ended up in the lake with the ducks.  There were more than a few close calls.  :)

After Sundays like these I'm not even mad about Monday.  Not to mention just 4 more days til Florida!!

- K



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