Thursday, February 4, 2016

Goan Goan

We're four days into this whole stay-at-home business, and having all sorts of fun, but I would be remiss to not mention our completely wonderful nanny that we said goodbye to last Friday.  And by goodbye I mean so long, because there's no way we ever let her out of our lives completely.

When I was pregnant we lived in Denver and had endless options for care givers in our own family.  When we decided to move I suddenly had to think about a stranger taking care of my precious baby.  So I made the best decision I could - I didn't think about it.  :)  I took care of Lyla and worked until she was almost 10 months old.  I had no idea how to choose a caregiver.  I toured daycares and signed up for  I finally nixed the daycare idea, and posted an ad for a nanny - which I never looked at again.  I have no idea how many applicants I even got.  A couple months later I posted another ad, and actually looked at the applicants but never reached out to anyone.  Finally I posted an ad, looked at the applicants, and reached out to a woman named Joan.  When she showed up to the interview I found out we were the only interview she'd gone on.  I was immediately comfortable with her and offered the position on the spot.  I even felt excited afterwards.  I still believe that meeting was no mere accident.

She worked with us for just over 3 years, and was the only nanny our girls ever knew.  And boy, did they love her.  Lyla deemed her "Goan Goan" as soon as she could talk, and it's stuck ever since.  Even Ryan and I refer to her as Goan.  :)  I thought a lot over the years about how difficult it would be to nanny kids whose mom is right around the corner.  But she handled it effortlessly and we made it work.  I will always be impressed with her ability to stay calm.  I literally never saw her lose her temper - not something I can say for myself.  At all.

Joan was absolutely the perfect fit for our family.  She was generous and loving and beyond helpful.  She left a mark on my babies, my pets, and my home, and I'm so glad to call her a friend.  She's a part of the family, for better or worse, and we'll never let her go.

Love you, Goan!  Here are some photos from that last day.  :)

- K


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