Monday, July 6, 2015


I can't say enough good things about our 4th of July weekend.  First of all, every weekend should be a three day weekend.  For real.  Second, for the first time we completely chucked all the bedtime rules out the window and kept the girls up late to see fireworks.  So worth it.

Ryan's best friend, Jeff, came into town for the weekend and him and Ryan drove out to Wisconsin to get some "real" fireworks.  Whatever dreams he had in his head about him and his daughter lighting them off together and creating lifelong memories and blah blah, they totally came true.  Which isn't fair at all because it never goes that way for me.  But anyways, they were the cutest together.  Lyla couldn't get enough and neither of them had any regard for safety.  They would light the firework and run screaming, flop on the grass next to each other and stare into the sky until they exploded.  And then my heart would explode a little bit too.

We started the 4th at the local farmer's market, headed home so Jeff and Ryan could do a little interior decorating and forced as many naps as we could on the girls.  Later we headed out to Eden Prairie to a little family festival they had.  Lyla bounced on the bounce houses and got her face painted.  Evie just followed her around and danced whenever she could.  We all made it to the fireworks with minimal meltdowns and even went on a little off roading adventure to get the heck home afterwards.

It was a great 4th all the way around!  Love our beautiful country!

- K

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