Thursday, July 16, 2015


I think my most unexpected favorite thing about being a mom is how you get to see everything through a child's eyes again.  You get to help create the wonder and excitement they have with everything - from the big excitements like Santa and the Easter Bunny to the more every day little joys like pointing out a hummingbird outside our window at dinner and the big eyes and smiles when they see it themselves. 

Lyla is as curious and inquisitive as they come, and I've had a blast this summer starting to do little "experiments" with her like planting flowers and watching daily as they grow and bloom, noticing the smells and colors.  A few weeks ago we got a butterfly kit that let's you watch as the caterpillars grow, create cocoons, and then become butterflies.  It was pretty amazing to see them grow significantly each day.  When they made their appearance as butterflies Lyla got to put flowers in their habitat and feed them sugar water.  She was a pretty good little butterfly mama.  :)

The other day (after Tim got caught several times sitting on the counter next to them, licking his chops) we set them free.  Both girls were pretty thrilled to watch them fly away, one at a time.  One even let me hold it and another climbed onto Lyla's little finger. 

I hope she remembers this!  I know I will.  :)

- K


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  1. Great pictures of the butterfly experience...what a fun idea!