Thursday, July 30, 2015

Amusement Parks and Movie Theaters

Last weekend we got to cross off two major summer bucket list items - our local amusement park, Valley Fair, and Lyla's first ever movie!  Which also turned into Evie's first ever movie.  Which was not the best decision on my part.

On Saturday we packed up first thing and headed to Valley Fair with our neighbors and their two kids.  We got there as soon as they opened and made it all the way to mid-afternoon with four kids and zero meltdowns.  If that's not a miracle, I don't know what is.

We started out in Snoopy Land with all the kiddie rides, and Lyla was able to ride just about everything.  Evie wasn't able to ride much, in fact she only rode one ride.  I have to admit even my tummy had butterflies on that thing, and that tiny girl sitting next to me was just leaning as close to me as she could get, silent the entire time.  After it ended she started crying and I wasn't sure if it was because it ended or because it happened.  I'm pretty sure it was the latter.

After Snoopy Land we headed to the water park area and hit the splash pads, lazy river, and wave pool.  Lyla and Graham, the 5 year old across the street, were too cute all day - always looking for each other and riding next to each other on rides.  They all had such a blast, and did I mention NO naps AND no meltdowns?!

At one point we ran into this little marching band that came out playing "I'm So Fancy".  We saw them again and they were playing "Uptown Funk".  Lyla was Hooked with a capital H.  She could not get enough of this little band.  One of the girls gave her a high five  and told her to dance with them - and that's all it took.  She immediately hopped out of her stroller and shook it with them for the rest of the song.  She was in heaven.  She never mentioned them again that day, but the next morning she woke up crying - which is not the norm.  I went in her room and cuddled up in her bed and she started talking about the marching band and how she missed them.  Apparently she had a dream they came to our house and she got to dance with them again.  I think we have a little marching band-er in our future.  :)

On Sunday I told Ryan that he could take his little daughter on a date to her first movie - which she has been talking about for months!  And then I got all jealous and begged to let Evie and I come too, promising to watch Evie if she didn't handle it well.  Surprise, surprise - the 16 month old didn't want to sit for 2 hours in the dark.  But she actually did pretty well, all things considered.  And Lyla had a ball with her popcorn and lemonade.  Next weekend Ryan actually gets to go on that date to see Minions.  More on that later.  :)

- K

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