Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Three Years Old

The first time I held my little Lyla Rose in my arms so much in me changed and a big piece of that was a new found appreciation for how precious time is.  I knew I had been catapulted into the best moments of my whole life, and I quite honestly didn't want any of those moments to end.  I would stare at that baby girl and I wouldn't want to blink for fear of missing something, I could barely even contain tears when someone else held her.  I wanted to freeze time and live in that warm, snuggly, brand-new-baby-smell world forever.  

The day after we got home from the hospital with Lyla we took her to her first doctor's appointment.  The first stop was to undress my tiny little baby and get her weighed.  As we were doing that this sweet mom with a couple of kids, about 3 and 5 years old, came up to me.  She was oohing and aahing about my little babe, and saying things like "it feels like yesterday that these guys were that tiny".  I couldn't make eye contact or respond in the slightest, knowing I would just start bawling.  To me, in that moment, I wanted to die before I wanted my baby to grow up into those big kids.  And then, here we are, I blinked and I have one of those big kids of my very own.

Each year that has passed has been easier for me to accept the fact that she's getting bigger, mostly because she somehow seems to be more fun with every day that passes.  I still cry at times because I love every single stage so very much.  As I pack away clothes or toys or holiday decorations I think about the memories that were made with each item and it makes me sad that those moments are gone.  Because each moment with that girls is my very favorite moment, and moving on feels like losing them a little bit.  I know that I will forever look back at these years as the best time of my life, with my babies tucked under my little wing, protecting and nurturing and loving them with every bit of my heart and soul.

I am so in awe with the girl my little Lyla is becoming.  She is so fun, loving, energetic, curious, and just plain sweet.  She is a constant chit chatter and becoming quite the little actress with her new obsession with Frozen (she's definitely not an early adopter).  She's a tough cookie and can take quite the lick and keep on ticking.  She's not much of a rule follower, much like her dad, and prefers to question "why?" rather than just quietly doing what's she's been told.  She's got a little sass to her, and I love every bit of it.  It's hard to reign her in at times, but I know without a doubt she'll be able to channel her energy, passion and curiosity and pave a path of nothing but success, just like her dad.

We threw her little third birthday party on Saturday.  We had a rockstar theme since she is the ultimate performer these days.  She sang and danced the night away, so I think it was a success.  :)

Cheers to you, precious girl!  I love you to pieces.  I guess you can go ahead and keep getting bigger, just don't ever stop giving me those sweet Lyla cuddles.

- K

Don't mind my half bedazzled 3.  Let's just say I am a procrastinator and also not a very good rhinestone estimator.


Snuggles with her nanny, Joan, or Goan-Goan as the girls call her.  :)

This "aftermath" picture cracks me up.

Even Kev got all partied out.  ;)


  1. I'm not a mommy just yet, but I can tell you that reading your sweet reflections about Lyla made my heart swell so much. Happy birthday to your sweet little. Thank you for sharing <3

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the kind words!! She sure is something special. :)

  2. Sweet sentiments for your sweet LR! Can't wait to see how you top that for #4. I'll have to check the KR show, but I don't think your 3rd BD party was quite that spectacular.