Monday, February 2, 2015

Barbie Dream House

Saturday was the last day of January so Ryan was at work from sun up to sun down...and actually even longer than that.  L, E and me got to have a girls day, which included visiting dad at his new office and going to the Mall of America for their Barbie Dream House exhibit. 

L is quite the homebody and often opts for staying home over doing absolutely anything else.  The idea of getting dressed is apparently just too overwhelming.  But when I mentioned visiting the Barbie Dream House, she was sold - hook, line and sinker.  And she's never even played with a Barbie!

We didn't get to the mall until late, and signed up for the 6pm tour.  We probably had 8 other people on the tour with us, and if you ever doubted she takes after her dad, you would have been a believer at this place.  She was in full blown performer mode - running around like she owned the place and singing the songs they were blaring on the speakers (that she had never heard before) at the top of her lungs.  Our tourmates couldn't help but be smitten.

Going in I knew she'd appreciate a pink sparkly house, but even I was impressed by how much she loved it.  At the end of the tour they had this whole stage and catwalk and backstage area where the kids could put on dress up clothes and get their hair and makeup done, then appear on the stage all done up.  They didn't explain it beforehand, but Lyla quickly disappeared behind the stage.  When I finagled the double stroller back there to find her I was just as quickly pushed back out.  Apparently she had it all under control.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love raising girls?  :)

The whole thing was such a blast.  Afterwards we stopped at A&W for rootbeer and cheeseburgers.  I figured I'd give Evie Sis a couple bites of my cheeseburger, but the reverse actually happened.  Lyla demolished hers as well, and in the middle of stuffing her face she exclaimed "this is a happy dinner!"

We had the very best time.  I'll remember that mama-daughters date forever.  I swear it was like soul food.


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