Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lyla Rose: The Cat Whispering Night Owl

The other day as Lyla was cuddling Carlos, (or Car Car or Carkey or Cark according to Lyla), she said to me "I really understand cats."  She's kind of right, the way she loves on that Car Car, but mostly she's lucky to have the sweetest kitty around.  He love, love, loves that girl.  Somehow he endured her baby torture and now almost can't stand to be without her.  If she's cuddling on a couch with a blankie, he's curling up in her lap.  If she gets banished into timeout land, he almost always sneaks in before the door is closed.  If you can't find him, he's surely curled up on Lyla's pillow in her bed.  It's pretty much the cutest thing ever the way those two have become best friends. 

It's not quite as cute when he sneaks in her room in the middle of the night when we have to go in and get her back to sleep, then starts meowing uncontrollably when she finally is back to bed.  Which is happening WAY more often than it should.  I'm not sure what is going on but we are having a tough time getting her to bed at night AND getting her back to sleep when she wakes to go potty.  She likes to claim that her tummy isn't tired anymore.  These toddlers are lucky they're so darn cute.

A few nights ago we were going through the nighttime shenanigans of Lyla not wanting to go back to sleep.  She ended up turning her light on in her room and Carlos noticed so he started crying outside her room.  Her door is right across from ours so I was peeking to see what would happen.  All of a sudden the door opened up, just a crack.  I could barely see her little eye looking through the crack, taking it all in.  She finally opened it a little more, just wide enough for Carlos to slip in, then quickly shut it.  I looked over at our monitor and Cark had jumped right up onto her pillow, so she grabbed a book and started reading to him.  It was so darn adorable, like they have this little secret book club together.  I guess she really does understand cats.  :)

- K

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