Sunday, July 13, 2014

Some Visitors and Farm Island Lake

Last week I took Thursday and Friday off work to spend some time with my aunt and her husband who had made a road trip up to Minnesota.  We didn't do much besides putz around at home, but it was great to have them visit, show them our house and just catch up.  Lyla always loves having visitors in town and kept calling them my friends..."mama, where you friends go?"  Her, Kevvy and Evie kept everyone pretty entertained.

Friday we took off to our friends' (and next door neighbors) cabin on Farm Island Lake, about 2 1/2 hours North.  In the summer pretty much everyone heads up North to their cabin, so we finally got a taste of what it's like to be a true Minnesotan...and it was pretty darn good.  Lyla loves our neighbors and their dogs so she couldn't contain herself on Friday when we were getting ready.  Every room we went into she had to "pack all things Lyla need" - which was mostly just every item from her play kitchen.

The cabin was great, and the lake was beautiful.  It was really a nice, relaxing weekend considering there were 3 dogs and 2 babies running around like crazy.  Not to mention Evie slept like a dream the whole time, so we might just move there.  Against our neighbors' wishes, of course.

Lyla provided nonstop entertainment, as always.  Her bedhead and Kardashian booty she had when we neglected to put on a swimming diaper in the lake were pretty much the highlights.  We also got to do a little fishing off the dock (Lyla caught her first fish and I caught the biggest, thank you very much), and Ryan did some water skiing. 

Such a good long weekend!  Completely made up for our very sad
4th of July.  ;)

- K

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