Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July

Both of the girls were sick last week and over the weekend, and after being up most of the night every night with Evie and feeling like nothing really went according to plan, I came out of the long weekend feeling like it had been pretty crappy.  But now, looking back at the pictures, it really wasn't so bad.  It was a far cry from 4th of July's of our past with late nights and big fireworks and maybe too many drinks, but I just can't really complain.  We got lots of good family time and I got to snuggle my sick babies and nurse them back to health.  As much as I hate them being sick...those snuggles are almost worth it.

We obviously played it low key, but the little tent and pool in the backyard provided lots of entertainment...until we had more bugs in the tent than in the entire rest of the yard.  Lyla also learned to use the camera, so we have some great blurry photos and some majorly failed selfies.  We also had Evie's first official photo bomb, which of course had to be documented. 

Hope you all had a great time celebrating our beautiful country!  #Merica!

- K

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  1. What a great tent for backyard camping-out! and LR's hair is getting so long and blonde!