Thursday, May 1, 2014

Trip Home

We went back home for Easter weekend to get Evie baptized at Ryan's family's church.  Ryan couldn't take any time off work, so I went solo with the girls a couple days early since I was still on maternity leave and we had a lot of family to show off our baby girls to.  The trip alone was quite the adventure, but honestly the hardest part was just lugging all the stuff around...besides some wild and crazy bathroom trips.  (But what's an adventure without a few diaper blowouts and toddlers hiding under the changing table, crawling on hands and knees in the public bathroom and stripping their shoes off?)  In all seriousness, we really lucked out with good little travelers. 

Evie got to meet a lot more of her family, and once again they were all smitten.  Lyla had the time of her life being around a new set of grandmas and grandpas every day and getting to chase around their kitties and puppies, getting wheel barrow rides, jumping on trampolines, sleeping in a big girl bed for the first time (which was a lot less fun for me), and getting all around spoiled with presents and attention.  She's still talking about all the fun she had.

Here's some photos from the first few days.  I'll post some photos of Easter and the baptism another day.  :)

- K

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  1. So fun to have you stay with us! We're ready to do more jumping any time.