Monday, March 3, 2014

Ready for Baby!

The last few weeks have been pretty tough.  Ryan and I are both in sales, with Ryan having his sales closeouts every month, making the last few days of every month pretty hectic.   My closeouts are quarterly, and when they line up it's just a lot to handle.  Throw in being almost 9 months pregnant and the doctor saying I would most likely have the baby by the end of the month on top of that?  Kind of stressful.

Luckily Everly hung in there through the end of the month, and somehow we all survived the baby preps, pediatric appointments, vet appointments, OB/GYN appointments, visitors, birthday parties and some really crazy work schedules.  The best part was that the last few weeks really were difficult, but Ryan and I managed to work together and tackle everything.  I don't think there's ever been a time in our marriage that I felt more like a team.  It was hard, but together we made it.

I think we both had a big sigh of relief when Saturday rolled around.  We put the very final touches on the nursery and ran around cleaning and picking up, making sure we really were ready to bring a newborn home.  We even managed to get out for a little breakfast at Panera, which is where we ate on the way to the hospital when I was induced with Lyla.  Sitting there that morning with our two year old sitting next to me in a booster seat, drinking OJ straight out of the bottle like a big kid, with another baby seemingly moments away...I had this feeling of everything coming full circle.

I've finally given up on having everything perfectly pristine and picked up when bringing baby home like I had it last time around.  A puppy and a two year old make every moment about a million times more chaotic than they ever were when we brought Lyla home, and I figured out that this is the chaos that is our life, and will be Evie's too.  It may not be perfect, but it's our home and I can't wait to have her join us.

Lyla and I even got out to see part of Ryan's rugby scrimmage, which completely thrilled Lyla.  As soon as she saw Ryan she couldn't stop yelling "Go, Dada!" and "Dada, Come Back!!!", which is how she tells (demands?) us to come to her all day every day.

Here are some photos from the scrimmage.  I can't get over those pigtails!  :)

- K

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  1. That girl looks ready to be a big sister!! Glad you made it to EJ's big day!