Monday, March 17, 2014

Dad's Turn: My Wife, The Baby Machine

Lately I can't help but inundate people with what I refer to as 'pro-Kassi propaganda.'  Every time I turn around the girl is blowing my mind.  From her success at work, to her mastery of nursery design and the culinary arts, she some how manages to not only balance the million things she has to do but excel at every single one of them.  (Just take a look at the nursery that she decorated and blogged about here... that shit should be on Pinterest without a doubt!)

It wasn't until the birth of our second daughter last Saturday, however; that I decided paying proper blog-worthy tribute was in order.

After waking me up once at 11:30 to let me know her "contractions were pretty consistent"  Kassi finally decided at 12:30 it was time to go.  She called the nurse line herself on the way to the hospital and calmly discussed the fact that she had been 4cm dilated for nearly two weeks and that contractions were now less than five minutes apart.

Upon our arrival in the maternity ward of the hospital I answered their question of "How can we help you?"  with a sarcastic "Oh, you know, just figured this would be a nice time for a tour..."  Which in hindsight was a bad idea because they took one look at Kassi standing there with a smirk on her face and ushered us to a small examination room.  Two minutes into said exam the nurse says
"Oh my God, you are dilated to 8cm and we are about to have a baby... let's get you to a delivery room.  I had no idea.  You were just standing there smiling... how tough are you?!"

Thirty minutes after that conversation and 10 minutes after the epidural arrived Everly Joy was here.  And the rapid succession meant that the three pushes it took were pretty darn close to "natural".  At least it appeared pretty natural when Kassi was yelling "I need more pain meds" at the nurse.  A nurse who wasn't phased in the least and responded "There is no time honey, put your feet in the stirrups, you can get a tattoo to commemorate this later."

Well, she got something better than a tattoo... she got Evie.  Who is an absolute beauty.  A full head of blond mohawked hair, and the brightest stone blue eyes I have ever seen.  And because of Kassi's resiliency we were out of the hospital in less than 48 hours.

Evie and I got Kas a little push present when we got home as a token of our appreciation but I am afraid that just won't cut it.

How she does all the things she does I will never know... but I am blessed to be witness to them all.  And I thank God every day for the wife she has been, the mama she has become, and for every selfless sacrifice she has made in between.

I love you Kassi Rose... here is to you and our little family you made.

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  1. Did Kassi write that for you?...seriously, what a nice way to remember Evie's birthday. Love that E-hawk shining in the sun!