Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ryan's Birthday Weekend!

It's safe to say this guy got spoiled for his 33rd birthday!  His parents came into town for the weekend so I took advantage of the extra help and planned a surprise birthday party for him, and a night out in the city the following night!  It was a busy weekend, but so much fun! 

It's always so nice to get a night away from the kids occasionally.  We talked about how great it is that his parents take the kids so often and really give us a chance to still focus on us as a married couple.  It's so important to keep that focus, and so much harder to do after kids.  But it sure does a marriage good!

We also talked about how amazing it is that you can miss them so much in so little time!  We all met up again at brunch on Sunday and those sweet little faces were a sight for sore eyes!  Love those little stinkers.

Thanks to all that made it to the surprise party!  And thanks to Grandma and Pop for being brave enough to take on two little crazies.  But just think - next time it'll be three!!  Ha ;)


- K

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