Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Break!

Today was Lyla's first day back to school after her first ever spring break!  There was plenty of sun (and some rain), drinking (orange juice) and nudity (Evie), breakfast in bed, outdoor adventures, and ice cream.  Pretty much everything you'd expect from any spring break.  ;)

It was an awesome week.  There's nothing I love more than having less plans, less timelines, less stress.  Getting to slow down and focus a little more on fun is my cup of tea.  And that's just what we did.  Nothing big, just fun little outings and a lot of putzing around at home.  It was absolutely perfect!

Here are some pics!

- K

Finally getting some time outdoors!!!

Back to rain and cold, but we made the most out of it!

Lyla's latest obsession is breakfast in bed.  Which she offers to sleep in for, so I gladly oblige.  ;)

Soakin' up those rays!

She's a professional with no training wheels already! 

The weather was so good we picked up ice cream and headed to the park!

Evie thoroughly enjoyed hers.


Sweet sister cuddles!

Spent another cooler day seeing Boss Babies.

Gotta love those 3D glasses.  ;)

Kevvy cuddles!

And a birthday celebration!!

Grandma and Pop made it out for Ryan's birthday weekend.  More on that later!!  :)

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