Friday, August 12, 2016

Splash Pad Adventures

Last week was a hot one so I took the girls and a friend over to a local splash pad.  It's not your typical splash pad, it has more of a natural look and includes lots of little waterfalls for the kids to climb around on.  When Lyla was just over one we went to this park all the time, but we've barely been back since. 

The girls had so much fun running around, mostly in opposite directions.  Lyla kept yelling "this is the best!"  I stinking love her enthusiasm and excitement over the smallest things.  I sure hope that never goes away!  Sis was pretty cute, tackling all those big rocks in the waterfalls and insisting on doing it all herself. 

It was such a blast, we're going to have to get back over there a few more times this summer!  Here are some pics.  :)

- K

"This is the BEST!!!"  :)

Chillin' like a boss.

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