Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ice Cream Social!

I love having get togethers for our girls and their friends, but since both of their birthdays are in the winter I thought it would be fun to throw something casual together this summer.  So, last Saturday we got out our kiddie pool, mini jump house, and lots of ice cream and called it an ice cream social!  The girls couldn't wait for their ice cream party, but didn't quite understand why they had to wait for the actual party to eat the ice cream.  ;)

The day also happened to be Lyla's half birthday, which we didn't make a big deal of with our guests, but it was sort of a little nod to our 4 and a half year old.  The day was so fun with good friends, great weather, and delicious ice cream.  You really can't go wrong with that combo.  :)

Here are some pics!

- K

Diggin' into that ice cream!

Homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich!  Heaven.

Ryan was offended at the amount of ice cream I'd put on my sandwich and had to show me "how to do it right."

"Mooom, enough!"

I love this picture.  A teenage neighbor drew the one on the right.  The one on the left is Lyla's replication.  haha!

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