Monday, January 11, 2016

Slam Fest

There's a little thing here at the Chapman household that we like to call a a slam fest.  It begins with Dad coming in the door and Lyla running up to him, screaming "let's do SLAMS!!!"  Sis gets wide eyed and starts whispering "shh! shh!"  Then we all run upstairs and the game begins.

I'm the protector - grabbing the girls and protecting them from Dad and his bed slams.  We run down the hall, hiding in the girls' rooms.  Lyla screaming the whole time, Evie saying "Un!" "Ide!", because who has time for those first consonants?  Dad inevitably sneaks up and grabs a girl, running down the hall to our room, everyone screaming and giggling the whole way.  The girls get slammed on the bed and the game starts all over again - me grabbing the girls back to "protect" them and unning back to our iding place.  ;)

It's one of the funnest things we do around here, and probably the girls' favorite time in the day.  Here are some super blurry photos of our little game.  Have I mentioned how much I love this little family of mine?  :)

- K

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