Thursday, January 7, 2016


Christmas and the week after were so laid back and quiet - it was exactly what I needed.  I even ordered our entire Christmas dinner from Whole Foods and let a plant die.  I'm talking pure laziness.  My dad, stepmom and sister came into town Christmas evening, so we had a nice quiet Christmas Eve and morning - just the four of us.

The night before Christmas Eve we went to a Christmas party where Santa showed up towards the end.  When he made his entrance Lyla was off playing with some friends.  A minute later she appeared, ran right up to the front of the crowd and grabbed his hand and attention to let him know how good she's been and that she'd like a pink puppy.  Ryan's coworkers that were in attendance were shocked that his daughter would be the one up front garnering all the attention.  ;)

We spent Christmas Eve in our traditional way - church followed by one present for the kids, bagels and lox, and champagne.  Sis enjoyed some sparkling cider, but Lyla has a new aversion to carbonated drinks, so flat out refused the bubbly.  A fun new tradition was Lyla's 3am wake up call after running downstairs, turning on all the lights, dumping out stockings and eating chocolate on her own.  So fun.

Christmas morning was completely amazing.  I made my homemade pumpkin cinnamon rolls the night before while Ryan built the girls' doll house, so we stuck those in the oven, poured some coffee and ripped into some presents.  It wasn't as neat and orderly as Ryan likes to have presents opened, but the girls were too cute helping each other open packages and just so excited about each and every gift.  We all got some great presents, but hands down my favorite was the fact that I had to do no work.  We didn't even get dressed that day, and everyone got a nap.  After the girls went to bed I headed to the airport to pick up our visitors.

The next few days were so much fun.  We got our first major snowfall and the girls bundled up several times to go play in the snow.  There were donuts, a Vikings game, ice skating, a trip to the gun range, very little cooking, and a whole lot of playing.

It was an amazing holiday and necessary break.  Here are some photos of all the fun!

- K

Because Tim doesn't get nearly enough face time around here.  :)

Fun with Auntie Kate.

Prepped and ready for the last outdoors game at TCF Field for the Vikings!
Grandma and the girls explored Gander Mountain.  The girls wanted to bring these guys home.
And these guys.
And this tent.

Where did this tall kid come from?  And who took my baby??
Lyla had a hard time in those skates - couldn't even keep her feet under her - but she was the cutest little motivational speaker.  She'd take a break and say "I'm doing great!" and "I can do this!" and "This is the best day ever!!"

This was Evie's favorite activity of all time.  Dad would get going fast then hold her down on the ice like she was skating on her own.  Not to mention she was killing it in those shimmery tights and that fur coat.  :)

Love her!

Lyla eventually ditched the skates and had a lot more success in her boots. :)
Sis had no interest in leaving when family skating time ended.

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  1. Great summary of the best Christmas everrrrrrr!!