Thursday, September 3, 2015

Girls Weekend

My little sister, Kate, is coming into town tomorrow for the long weekend so I thought I'd finally share some photos from our last rendezvous - in Fort Worth last April.  Kate is in the nursing program at Texas Christian University (and happens to be acing all of her classes).  My stepmom and aunt go visit her every spring so I went along this year since I was finally A) not pregnant and B) not nursing. 

After planning the trip we happened upon a house that we loved, and bought it.  The trip took place the weekend after closing on our house and moving in.  And before any real "unpacking" took place.  Ryan was thrilled to have both girls all to himself in those circumstances.  :)

The weekend was amazing for me though.  It mostly consisted of leisurely eating (which is nonexistent in my real life) and leisurely shopping (also nonexistent.)  Who knew real actual stores still exist?  Where you can see the clothes in person, and FEEL them, and even TRY THEM ON??  Online shopping is convenient but nothing will ever make me happier than strolling through a clothing store, admiring every last piece.  Which is exactly what we did. 

It was the best weekend.  Can't wait to get some more Auntie Kate time so soon!!

- K

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