Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Eighteen Months

Well, this little sister turned one and a half today.  It's hard to even find words that accurately describe my Evie Joy.  She's all buttery goodness one second and a demanding son of a gun, rolling around the floor screaming the next.  We thought Lyla was strong willed, but this one's off the charts - our mini CEO with a strong opinion about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  She's dramatic 'til the last drop with her fake cries and laughs, nasty looks and no hesitation in chucking whatever you hand her clear across the room while staring you right in the eye.  A little busy body, she can usually be found dipping her hand in dog water or the toilet, spreading cat or dog food all over the floor, or unraveling an entire roll of toilet paper.  Another favorite is emptying my cupboards or grabbing a stool to throw all of the food in our pantry into the trash.

Evie can say almost anything you ask her to, but doesn't say much besides "mama" and "dada" on her own accord.  She finds that an aggressive "EH!" with a finger point pretty much always gets her point across.  She also holds her own with her big sis these days and even picks on her from time to time - just runs up, grabs whatever Lyla has and runs off.  She braces herself for a fight and even if she loses she doesn't care - just walks off to the next activity.  She'd succeeded in asserting her authority for the moment, and that was a win in her book.

The funny thing is that describing her behaviors above makes her sound like such a little pain in the ass - which she is at times.  But, in between all of her sour antics she is like a little piece of heaven on earth.  She giggles and snuggles and dances and plays.  She loves to play chase and hide and seek, and constantly runs up, grabs my hand and drags me off to wherever her little heart desires.  She's independent as can be and gets busy just playing all on her own.  She follows her big sis around like a puppy dog (unless she doesn't want to) and they run and laugh and scream their little guts out.  She's obsessed with Bubble Guppies and is the best little mama to every one of her baby dolls (unless they make her mad).

Man, she is so funny, sweet and wildly entertaining.  I've enjoyed this phase even more the second time around - all those chubby little rolls running around on fat, flat feet.  I wish I could bottle up this sweet stage and hold onto it forever.

Love you, Evie Sis!  You are a dream come true.

- mama

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