Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Today was our first full day back home and first day at work since last Saturday.  It felt good to get back into the swing of things, and after a day of playing catch up at work I packed up the girls for a Target trip.  Lyla wanted to look for a book and we didn't have much to shop for so I was looking forward to a fun, low stress outing.  We made a thorough mess of the book section and Evie showed off her new found running skills, darting from aisle to aisle and giggling when I'd find her. 

After about a half hour we decided to actually get our shopping done when Lyla announced she had to go to the bathroom, then promptly said she pooped.  I thought it was weird it happened so fast but applauded myself as I calmly thought, "Ok, no big deal.  We'll head for the bathroom, abandon the panties, and be on our way."  When we got to the bathroom stall I learned why it had happened so fast and also that the pants would need to be abandoned as well.  Evie tried desperately to play in the toilet and settled for climbing around the bathroom floor and rubbing every square inch of herself on that nasty floor while trying to escape under the door.  I had no extra pants so I had to put them back on poor Lyla.  Mind you we'd gotten no actual shopping done at this point.

We ran for the kids department, grabbed a pair of shorts and headed for the groceries so we could grab just the necessities.  That was when Evie...spit up?  Threw up?  I'm still not really sure what happened but her entire front side was covered in something along those lines.  We grabbed our whole milk and ran for the checkout lines.  Evie screamed while Lyla tried to cover her head in Target stickers, and the clerk announced that I'd accidentally scanned my card twice so I'd need to pull it out to do it a third time.  Insert all the sarcastic faces here.

I thought the worst was behind us by the time we got home and then Evie rolled over and ran off in the middle of a diaper change, sauntered over to our brand new rug and peed on it.

It was a warm welcome home, indeed.  ;)  The truth is I wouldn't have it any other way.  Missed those girls and their crazy antics last week more than I've ever missed anything.

- K

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