Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Everly's First Birthday Party

The first week of March - right before Evie's birthday - I got to take a whole week of vacation from work.  It was really my first legitimate vacation since an entire year before when I went on maternity leave right before having Evie.  It was pretty nostalgic thinking back to that exact week a year prior - first thinking and hoping I'd have my new baby early, then L getting diagnosed with RSV and then praying the new baby wouldn't come early at all.

I remember that last week of nursing my first baby back to health and just laying, cuddling face to face, Lyla sucking her thumb and resting her other four tiny fingers on my face.  I soaked up those moments with my only baby, excited and afraid of what was to come.  I felt so unsure of how I would love another baby as much as I loved my precious Lyla Rose.

That Friday night, in the middle of the night, we rushed off to the hospital and my labor was so short it literally seemed like she just popped right out and was suddenly resting in my arms.  That first moment I held her I remember locking our eyes and feeling so much peace.  Everything was right in the world.  My Everly Joy had arrived and she was beautiful and healthy and I did love her - more than I could have ever imagined.

Man, if I thought Lyla's first year went fast, Evie's first year was at least double that.  There were a lot of things that were difficult to get used to with two kids, but that little Evie stole my heart over and over again every single day.  I would hold her and stare at her angelic, innocent face and I would pray that her beauty wouldn't be a weakness - that she would be strong and not let anyone mess with her.  I know God has a sense of humor because that girl was feisty from the very beginning.  Rest assured we are not raising any pushovers.  :)

My little Evie Sis, my heart overflows when I even think about you.  I've been smitten since day one and I fall in love with you more every day.  I love your sweet smile and your dancing eyes, your little giggle and the games you play, your loving cuddles and even the little fits that only you can throw.  I really love your head butts - the soft ones when you tap your forehead against mine and then leave your head there and stare into my eyes - just like our very first moment.  And I even like your angry head butts when you slam your tiny head into whatever just made you mad.  I laugh just thinking about it.  I love your little monkey sounds and that tiny pointer finger when you want something, and how those little arms wrap around my neck and you rest your head on my shoulder when you give me a hug.  Mostly I love how you changed our family.  You made us more complete.  You are such a blessing, little girl, and you are loved forever! 

Here are some photos from the birthday party we had in Denver.  :)

- K

I hung Evie's 52 weeks of pictures up.  It always amazes me how little they change week to week but they're like a completely different kid from beginning to end.

The closest thing I could get to a smile from my L.  :)

My whole world.

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