Monday, September 8, 2014

A Half Birthday for Everly

Today is Everly's half birthday, which also marks the fastest 6 months of my entire life.  Evie sis just keeps getting better, she's rolling and sitting and scooting, and so so close to crawling.  She's eating solids like a pro, and has the rolls to prove it.  Her little eyes just dance when she smiles, and she has this hearty little giggle that's mostly reserved for her big sis' wild antics.  When she's not giggling at Lyla, she's just staring with pure amazement.  She can't get enough of her big sis or her furry brothers.  She has one little tooth, with another on the way and will pretty much chew on anything.  She's the happiest baby with the fiercest little temper, which I kind of love.  She also loves her mama just as much as Lyla ever did, and I could die every time she sends a giggle my way.

I love watching these girls and their personalities unfold.  I love their similarities and differences and just every little thing about them.  Being a mom is the best.  :)

- K

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