Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Chapman Christmas Vacation - Colorado Edition

After celebrating the graduation in Texas, we flew straight out to Denver to see all our people.  We fit in horse back riding at Auntie Alycia's house, a trip to Golden, lots of grandparents, a baptism for Rowan and Christmas!  It was our longest trip home ever, and our first with 3 kids, so needless to say there were some learning curves.  But after everything was said and done it was a great trip, and that Christmas morning can't be beat with all those little cousins running around and tearing into wrapping paper (or refusing to...depending on the minute.)  It was the messiest, loudest, best Christmas ever.

Here are the pics!

- K

First stop: Auntie Alycia's house to ride horses!  The girls have been begging to do this for forever and they loved every minute.

All the grandbabies and grandhorses in one place!?  Grandma heaven.

Grandma K!

We headed out to Golden for a couple of nights...mostly because these kitties were begging us to.  ;)

We went on the prettiest Christmas light tour through downtown Golden.

And we even found Santa in a bar!  The girls were sure he was the real deal.  If I were Santa I'd probably be in a bar too, so who knows, they might be right.  ;)

Snuggling up with my boy.  I think this would be about 63 weeks pregnant??  :)

Chewing a new bacon teether with Auntie Kate.

So cozy!

Cutest stocking stuffer everrrr.

Something tells me the kittie's face isn't quite as peaceful and happy.

The whole fam!

Opening early Christmas presents!

My boys.  :)

Ready for Row's baptism!

All the cute cousins.

My handsome guy.  Ugh, I just love him.

Christmas Eve!

Cutest Christmas Eve boy ever.

Hanging with Pop.

Opening Christmas Eve presents!

We started a new tradition with everyone wearing Christmas Vacation sweatshirts on Christmas morning!

Grandma made Lyla and Samantha matching nightgowns.

Row got his own taggie blankie!

We headed out to Great Grandma that afternoon.  :)

Sweetest guy!  Last day in CO.

Best part was having a long weekend off of school and work still when we got back!  We took the girls to see Star Wars.  Little Rey may have been a little worn out.

Sleepin Sissy.  :)

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