Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentine's Day Fun!

It's no secret that I love putting together a fun party, all things girly, and Valentine's Day.  Lyla has inherited the love for parties and girliness, so I decided to throw her and Evie a little Valentine's Day party for their girlfriends.  We decorated cookies, played freeze dance, ate pizza and unwrapped surprise goodies.  So much fun!

After the party L and E had to get ready for their daddy daughter dance.  They both chose princess dresses - shocking - and had very specific thoughts on what their hair and accessories should look like.  Girls after my own heart.  ;)

Here are some photos!

- K

Waiting on a party to start is hard.

Happier with a little chocolate!

Freeze dance!

It's her party.  She'll cry if she wants to.

I don't know what this game is called, but you unwrap the saran wrap until you get a prize, then pass it on.  It was a hit!

We had a little impromptu girl band performance.  :)


We never got a picture together, so had to settle for a selfie.  :)

Dance prep!  Is there anything cuter than kids in robes??

Lucky dad.  Lucky girls!

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