Friday, December 16, 2016

The Condo

Last week we took a little trip to Denver to see our condo one last time!  When we got engaged we searched out the perfect first home, and ended up choosing a little one bedroom condo in Uptown Denver.  We absolutely loved every one of the 725 square feet, it was the coziest little first home we could have asked for. 

We only lived there 2 years before we had to make our first move for Ryan's company, and then quickly outgrew it with the addition of one Miss Lyla Rose to our family.  But we held on to the condo and rented it out, and even talked about hanging on to it forever, using it as our downtown home after retirement.  But this year we decided to simplify our lives a bit, and with the booming Denver real estate market we ended up deciding to let go of our first home.  Which logically makes so much sense for us, but emotionally makes my heart break a little bit. 

We really hadn't been back to the condo since we moved out, so I knew we had to go see it one last time and show the girls our first home.  It was so fun and sentimental and emotional walking through the building and our unit for the last time.  It was only two years, but there were a lifetime worth of memories.  So many parties and celebrations thrown in our little condo or at the pool or in the beautiful lobby that held our rehearsal dinner after party, so many bridal showers, engagement parties, birthday parties, and more.

Our lives sure were different back then, but I wouldn't change our journey for anything.  We've exchanged late night parties for late night potty trips or late night figuring out my phone is missing and finding a certain 4 1/2 year old watching youtube videos in her bed.  At 2:45 in the morning.  Whatever.  But, having our girls at our first home was so special, a full circle kind of moment.  We'll miss that place so much and will always cherish the memories!

Here are some throwback photos from some of the parties in our condo, and from our very last trip with our girls.  :)

- K

This was our first ever party, Halloween 2008.  It was about 2 weeks after our wedding, and 2 hours after Ryan tore his patellar tendon playing rugby.  I'm not sure he actually remembers this party.

Our New Year's Eve party one year.  Pretty sure this will go down in history as my favorite NYE ever.

Jersey Shore, baby!  :)  I was going to say this was our last party, but then I remembered that we had a second Halloween party the very night before we had to be out of the condo to move to SLC.  We were not even close to fully packed.  Good decision making at it's finest!

I had to get a shot of the door to our very first home.  We'll miss you, 1605!!

Checking out the view with the girls.  So bittersweet letting go of our first place!!

The capitol building.  I'll miss that view forever!

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