Wednesday, July 27, 2016


This is honestly a really hard blog for me to get started with.  We had a significant tragedy on my side just two days before leaving.  One of those things that stops you in your tracks and kind of makes you look at everything a little bit differently.  Although I couldn't swing it to be with my family during that time, my heart and mind were frequently with them. 

Despite our heavy hearts, it was good to be surrounded by people we loved, and man, we couldn't have been in a more beautiful place.  Ryan's family had spent time in Juneau when he was in high school, and I'm pretty sure he professed his love for Alaska on our very first date.  Let me tell you, it sure didn't disappoint.  The beauty was surreal, and the only word that keeps coming to mind is majestic.  Which is such a cheesy word normally, but seriously.  It was majestic.

We went with Ryan's entire family, and it was so good to have everyone together.  The excursions were once-in-a-lifetime kind of things, but the best part was just being together.  There's nothing in this world that's more important than loved ones, and getting the chance to have all of that undivided attention with Grandma and Pop and Dad.  No work, no emails, no distractions.  It was amazing, and not one of us will ever forget that time.

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say we have a million pictures from the trip, so I'll be separating into a few different posts.  :)

Thanks, Grandma and Pop for a fabulous trip!  xoxo

- K

The view from our house.  Gorgeous.

Lyla was obsessed with her baby cousin, Brailyn.

Brailyn was mostly skeptical of us.  ;)  I got this face a lot for about 24 hours, but I managed to butter her up.

We brought a new lego set, which all the girls loved.  Even just hanging out home was a good time.  The girls love getting all the extra time with their dad.

"um, she's touching me."

The girls were obsessed with all the binoculars laying around.  :)

So many granddaughters, so little time.

One of my favorite outings was this hike.  Lyla kept insisting that we hike, and there happened to be a great trail right behind our house.  She rocked it, hiking the entire time without a complaint.

Sis got exhausted from being held the entire time.  ;)  It's hard work being 2.

We went to this gorgeous park a couple of times, right on the water.  It was so pretty!

Love this family of mine.

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