Monday, August 10, 2015

Let The Good Times Roll

I keep seeing these back to school photos on Facebook from my Denver friends, and it shocks me to think Fall is right around the corner.  Here in the arctic wasteland school doesn't start until after Labor Day.  We like to hold on tight to these dwindling warm summer weeks and try to forget that school and sweaters and snow are right around the corner.  Even though my kids aren't even in school I still somehow have to fight that "August=school=summer's over" mentality I can never seem to escape.  Minnesota is kindly helping me out by being extra hot and humid, just to make sure I don't have any relapses.

But seriously, we've had the best summer ever over here.  Every weekend has been better than the last, and you can see it on our babies' golden skin and sun-kissed hair.  The last couple of weekends were full of lakes and bounce houses, ice cream and rides, and most importantly - Elsa and Anna.  Can't wait to soak up every last ounce of the season!

Here are some pics!

- K

babe alert

these two are the cutest

i mean, the hair - obviously, but how adorable is that profile?!

they thought it was hilarious to run (bike) through the sprinklers after we got back home

look at that smile!

she's playing it cool here, but she totally loved it

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