Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Weeks Fly By

Well, we just came off of the two of the hardest weeks we've had in a while.  Joan, the girls' nanny, was out of town for two weeks so we flew in family to help out, and I found out quick that it's a lot harder to get everyone in the routine of things with two little ones.  Not to mention that Lyla's been going through some kind of regression, clinging to me constantly, wanting to be held instead of Evie and helped with eating (like Evie).  She certainly didn't make it easier on her auntie and grandparents.

Both of our jobs have been weighing on us pretty heavy, and we just had a lot of stuff to figure out.  I won't even list everything because I'm well aware they're very much first world problems, but the truth of the matter is we've had a lot of stress on our plates recently.  And in the middle of it all I have these two precious babies that are growing and changing constantly, and I don't know if it's the stress or the busy days, but it feels like it's all going in warp speed.

It's been such a struggle to just get through the days lately, and all of a sudden I looked around and realized that my baby is speaking full sentences and sleeping in a big girl bed, and fitting in kid clothes, not just toddler clothes anymore, and my little squishy isn't even a little squishy.  My newborn baby is already gone, replaced by this cute little thing that rolls and scoots and giggles, and gobbles up rice cereal like it's her job.  As long as the days can be, the weeks and months go too fast, and I desperately just want to grab all those moments up, hold them tight, and never let them or those girls go.  And I want a baby in my arms forever.

And that's why we just might be the next Duggars.  Just kidding.  But seriously...

- K

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  1. With extreme cuties like that, every day should be blissful...just kidding, but I'm glad you can recognize how good your life is even when it's hard.