Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Random Thoughts Including, But Not Limited To, Naps, Cupcakes, and Parallel Parking

Lyla is definitely not one of those kids that nap on the go.  She loves her crib and sleeps with a pillow, 4-6 blankets, and 8-10 stuffed animals at a time.  She makes to sure to show off just how comfy her bed is every time she wakes up by flopping around and patting and cuddling every last "cozy" before she can get out.  It's really cute how much she loves her bed, but inconvenient to get pretty much anything done when you have to be home every few hours for a few hours. 

Once she is finally awake, has thoroughly loved everything in her crib, is dressed, fed, and has shoes on, I have to run around and try to pack the entire house into my Mary Poppins bag.  Because you never can have too many snacks, changes of clothes, drinks, toys, books, or diapers.  After all that, and then drive time, actually having time to DO something is rare.  It's a constant internal battle of "is it really worth it?"

All that to say that while Jo was in town we packed up and went back to 50th and France, that cute little shopping area we discovered a few weeks back.  By the time we got there (and nailed a freaking awesome parallel parking job, by the way) we had about 21 minutes to spend before needing to pack back up and get L back home for her second nap.  After browsing through Anthropologie, inhaling a cupcake, and of course snapping a few pics, we were outta there.

It was still pretty fun though.  I think.

- K



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